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5dB 4G Antenna (Signal Booster)

USES of 4G Antenna   Used primarily in calving camera setups to increase 4G signal Use in conjunction with a 3G/4G router  

Wireless Signal Repeater and WiFi Access Point

Browse our comprehensive collection of Wi-Fi devices, such as portable Wi-Fi routers, dongles, Wireless signal repeaters and more. All products and accessories are covered by our 12-month warranty.

What is Wi-Fi and what is it used for?

Wifi means "wireless fidelity" - i.e. wireless computer networking, also known by the international standard reference IEEE802.11. With a wifi dongle or wifi PCI card, you can quickly set up all the computers in your house to share one internet connection, without worrying about cables or complex network setup. CTS Systems have sourced the most portable Wifi products offered here at best prices.

Wi-Fi Access Point

In computer networking terms, a wifi Access Point (also known as 'AP') is a product that allows wifi devices to connect to a wired network using Wifi technology. The Access Point usually connects to a router as a separate device, but it can also be an integral component of the router itself. When buying products such as Wi-Fi Access Point or similar, don't worry about compatibility - the wireless transmission format is standard and will work everywhere in the world. Also, no power adapters are required for any of these products, making them lighter to send by express courier service.