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Universal Laptop Adapter

Efficiently charge all your devices with this universal laptop adapter. No longer will there be the need to carry several adapters and charging cables while on holidays or out and about as this universal charging kit comes with no less than 12 end-pieces. Additionally, this kit also comes with a car charger plug-in – allowing you to charge all your devices while on the road and ensuring that you’ll never be left without battery life again. We all know the pain of searching for that right charging cable that fits your laptop. With this multi-adapter at hand this will be an issue of the past. Supporting an abundance of end pieces, this universal adapter allows you to charge electronics from all the major brands out there. Whether you’re using Toshiba, HP, Samsung, Dell, Lenovo, or any other major brand – with this charger you can be assured that you’ll always be able to charge your device. With this universal laptop charger, you won’t only be able to charge your own device, but also that of your friends and family no matter the brand that they are using. Its car charger head additionally allows you to charge your own and other’s electronics while on the move. Featuring both overload protection and short circuit protection, this electronic accessory guarantees that your laptop is safe at any time while charging. Its display additionally shows you the voltage used while charging and the status of your battery – allowing you to use it in the most efficient manner. Whether you’re at home or on the move from now on you, your friends, and family no longer have to worry about carrying the right cables or running out of charge as this multi-charger is there to provide power to all your electronic devices.