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Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor- 0 kpa-3703 kpa Pressure Range, 40-160 Bpm, Portable Design, 2-Inch LCD Display, Data Storage

Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor Easily keep track of your blood pressure levels with this portable electronic blood pressure monitor. Powered by four regular 1.5V AAA batteries, this health gadget can be used anywhere at any time. It features a lightweight and compact design which makes it easy to store away or carry around. Simply turn on your device, apply the strap to your arm, and let your blood pressure monitor do the rest. Thanks to its simple design, this health gadget is suitable to be used by both professionals and regular people. This makes your gizmo perfect to be used in healthcare facilities as well as at home for personal usage. This portable blood pressure monitor is capable of storing up to 99 data sessions. It comes with a crisp 2-Inch display on which it treats you to real-time data. The screen of this blood pressure monitor supports 3 colors backlight so you can also use it in a dark environment. With energy efficient usage, your health gadget shuts down automatically after 1 minute of non-usage. It is capable of applying a pressure of 0Kpa to 3703Kpa and reads a pulse frequency from 40-160 beats per minute. Whether you are a doctor and use it to test your patients, or simply use it at home for personal usage – this wireless blood pressure monitor is sure to meet your demands. It allows you to keep accurate track of your blood pressure at any given moment, thus making sure you’re always up to date on your current health status.

Eye Massager – Air Pressure, Heat Compression, Vibration, Reduces Stress, Pressure, and Headache, 5 Modes, Nature Sounds

Eye massager Are you suffering from dry and tired eyes or headaches? Then this compact eye massager is the perfect health gadget for you. Simply slide on over your eyes, sit back, and relax. Your eye massager uses air pressure, heat compression, and vibration to massage your eyeballs along with all acupoints around the eyes. This will significantly reduce your stress, headache, and eye strain. Use it for 15 minutes before your sleep, and magically see all your stress and pressure disappear. This eye massager is a great gadget that helps you relax and fall asleep easier at the end of a busy day. Besides massaging your eyes, this eye massager also plays soothing music. With its built-in speaker that plays nature tunes, your health gadget will help you relax even more. It features a total of 5 different massaging modes for you to choose from. Thanks to its 1350mAh battery, this health gadget treats you to up to 90 minutes of relaxation on a full charge. Regular sessions take around 15 minutes after which your eye massager will switch itself off automatically. Thanks to its adjustable headband, this state of the art eye massager fits any size head. If you’re looking for a simply way to relax after a long day at the office, this eye massager is the gadget that you’ve been looking for.   Key Features...  
  • Eye massager uses air pressure, vibration, and heat compression to massage your eyes
  • Switches off automatically after each 15 minute session
  • Reduce stress, pressure, headache, and eye fatigue
  • Plays relaxing nature sounds through its built-in speaker

Portable Nano Replenishment Skin Tester with a Rechargeable, LCD Display, Analyzes Skin Condition, Moisturizes Skin (Pink)

Rechargeable Nano Replenishment Skin Tester Analyzes and Moisturizes Your Skin Pollution, long working hours, grabbing a quick bite on the go and stress over deadlines all affect your look — and, especially, your skin. Don't want to show up to a meeting or dinner date looking tired? Don't worry – with the nano replenishment skin tester, you won’t have to. This compact handy beauty device will not only moisturize your skin, getting rid of dry patches, but also give you a refreshed and glowing look, no matter the schedule. Using ultra high speed vibration technology, the skin replenisher infuses the layers of your skin with ultrafine water particles, that let your skin preserve moisture and maintain elasticity. All of this, without damage to your makeup, so you can use the skin tester anytime throughout the day. Adopting the latest bioelectrical impedance analysis measurement (BIA), the beauty tool measures and analyzes the condition of your skin and tells you grease and moisture content, whether your skin is soft or needs some additional treatments. Key Features...  
  • Keep your skin looking its best with the portable nano replenishment skin tester
  • The skin tester will measure and analyze the condition of your skin using bioelectrical impedance analysis measurement
  • It will also moisturize and replenish your skin enriching it with ultra fine particles
  • Easy-to-use, compact, rechargeable and with a convenient LCD display, this beauty tool is perfect for use when traveling
Keep you skin smooth and well-moisturized with a portable nano skin replenisher and tester. The mini beauty gadget is super easy to use and can accompany you when you travel.