Summer Home Safety Tips

Ever tired of being one step ahead of everything? You’re always prepared, always thinking about the next season, setting your sights on summer in the middle of February. Well, good for you (and everyone around)! You are the responsible one, always ready for what lies ahead. And when it comes to home safety and securing your premises, this is the only right thing to do – getting on top of the best summer safety tips.

Summer months bring a spike in property crimes. So it is wise to make a few changes around your home and avoid the potential break-in mess. First thing is to do some home maintenance or makeover. This sends a proper signal to potential burglars that you’re in control. Mowing a lawn or trimming the bushes can help remove possible hiding spots for intruders.

Summer home security

You probably own a lot of goods burglars want – different equipment, bikes, and other highly desirable items and storing them into your garage. And this is where your home gets vulnerable. Garages and back doors are the least secure places of any home ad that makes them a perfect break-in entrance places. So, what can you do? A proper home security camera kit will do the trick, as well as keeping your doors locked, especially the one connected to your home.

And if you leave your car window rolled down, burglars could use the automatic opener sitting on the dashboard to access your garage. So, always keep the windows rolled up and all doors locked. You are not that fast in comparison with the burglars – so you better be cautious.

With the proper alarm system installed, there is a good chance the burglar will choose an easier target. Investing in the efficient home security system will strengthen your home’s defense, but also make your family more aware of the dangers you’re facing constantly. A proper home security system should at least include monition sensors, camera kit, and detectors on all doors and windows. An extra layer of protection against burglars could be outdoor cameras, highly positioned and visible to any passenger. This will also protect your valuables in the garage, from cars to bikes and tools.

Summer Safety Checklist

  • As we already said – make sure all door locks are functioning properly and all windows latch correctly. Repair all the damage immediately.
  • Lighting check – all pathways have to be well-lit and shine a light on all points of entry.
  • Shut and lock all doors, don’t be lazy.
  • Be good to your neighbors, and ask them to look after your home while you’re away.
  • Avoid publicly discussing travel and stay-at-home arrangements.
  • Keep valuable electronics and other valuables secured.
  • Pay attention to your family surroundings, kids’ friends and acquaintances, advise them to be cautious too.

You can always ask a good friend or a family member to keep an eye on your home. You can ask them to visit occasionally, collect the mail, turn on the lights (and switch them off). So, anything that could signal the house is not vacant and somebody is inside or could be there any minute. This includes keeping quiet about your plans, posting on social media while away, and so. Be private and keep things to yourself, at least while you get back.

And yes, we know you are dying to share the excitement with everyone, but that is just bad for your security. You never know who’s listening and who’s reading your posts – and no, you’re not in Eastern Europe – we know.