How to Tell If Your Security System Has Been Hacked

Based on our previous experience, we found a few reliable indicators that your security system, camera, baby monitor or nanny cam may have been hacked. If you hear unusual noises or voices coming from your IP camera or baby monitor, that’s one reliable way to tell if someone has hacked into your system. Or if you notice sudden movements or rotating while appearing to be following your movements around the room – and you weren’t responsible for the movement of the camera being moved via the App or Laptop. And maybe you’ve noticed that LED light randomly blinks, or it switches on without you changing any settings.

The best way to prevent your security camera from being hacked is to take the following proactive measures:

Always use secure passwords, use combinations obviously unrelated either to you or your family members. It would be harder for hackers to get into the system. You should also change your password frequently, it doesn`t hurt & is only a 5 minute job. Keep a hard copy of passwords in a safe secure place that is known only to you.


NEVER use default username or password of the device.

  • ✓ Having a good reputation of the security devices/providers company you choose is always a plus.
  • ✓ You should never buy or deal with a used security system.
  • ✓ Limit the number of devices used to access your system. A laptop/ desktop computer or mobile device would do just fine for logging into the system.
  • ✓ Never use public connections for accessing your home’s security system. These connections are not secure and could leave you exposed.
  • ✓Check your logins from time to time and look for anything suspicious.
  • ✓ Check your camera manufacturer for details before purchasing
  • ✓ Configure your camera so that it isn’t accessible from the web, by opting to operate the camera on a private network.
  • ✓ A small hack:
    • Anti-jammer will detect if the signal has been intercepted by a jamming device. It creates an alert that tells you that the system has encountered a signal failure. You will have the opportunity to act immediately and protect your family and property.
  • ✓ Last but not least – work with qualified/certified security professionals for a peace of mind.

 Dumb vs. Smart Baby Monitors

There are two major kinds of baby monitors out there. There are the simple intercom style baby monitors walkie talkies with a baby friendly design. And we have Internet-enabled baby monitors that integrate with your smartphone via your wireless router.

The “attack” routine for an older walkie talkie/intercom type baby monitor is very simple. And that would be hijacking the frequency and playing annoying sounds over it or whatever are the intentions. But this kind of activity has two big limitations. First- it is the technical factor. To hijack a dumb baby monitor frequency, you will need to be a kind of a radio tech enthusiast or an expert.  And secondly – the range needed for this kind of hack, because the hacker would need to be physically close to the baby monitor for it to work. The range of the receiver for a baby monitor is very small, so you may catch the hacker basically on your doorway.

On the other hand, video monitors and baby cameras with IP are the ones we should be concerned about are making all the headlines lately. They use the internet and your local area network to communicate with your smartphone. The attack vector for this baby monitors is much broader, covering the whole World Wide Web. Internet-connected baby monitors are potentially vulnerable to a catalogue of ill-intended people across the globe.

Harming Your Baby Monitor Security

Having just one poor layer of security setup can invite all the hackers in the world. And your webcam could appear on some shady forum or site without you even knowing a thing!

Let’s take a look at those layers that apply to your video baby monitor. As your video baby monitor works by connecting to your home wireless router, and connected to the internet.

Attacking using a local access to your router – a hacker will need to be within Wi-Fi range or able to plug directly into your router. Anyone can provide or get access if they are in house, like sitters, houseguests. With an open wireless network, without a password (extremely bad idea to have an open Wi-Fi Network), everyone near you can connect. Without a Wi-Fi security Key they can get into your IP Camera as they please using a few simple software hacking tools.

So, let’s assume hacker already has access to your router and your baby monitor’s configuration. Your baby monitor will usually have built-in protections form unauthorized traffic. They also have UPnP and port forwarding settings that leads to the device being more vulnerable.

Securing Your Network

It’s best to choose a wired system when possible because a wireless system is more vulnerable to online attacks from a hacker. However, if you are using a wireless system, make sure you activate the WPA2 encryption option that most security cameras come with. It is a higher standard of security protocol and should always be used when installing a wireless security system.

Invest in products, especially ones that are placed outdoors, and make them less accessible and harder to remove. Always opt for a professional installation and ask for additional advice, especially if you doubt your own setup skills. Your security and the security of your loved ones is always worth the additional cost, work & time.