Satellite Installations in 2018 (and why you shouldn’t give up)

satellite installations

Once you might have found yourself searching for trained and trustworthy satellite installers or satellite repair engineers in your area. There are all sorts of satellite issues that could cause disruptions to your normal satellite TV viewing. Whether it’s the partial or total loss of picture, pixelization, the loss of sound or complete loss of satellite reception.

If you’re experiencing any issues with your satellite dish installation or you think you need a TV aerial repair, the best thing to do is to find a professional solution. Whether your digital TV reception is poor or you’re having trouble with your Saorview box setup, it is essential to find a local installer. He can diagnose issues with your satellite dish and carry out the installation of satellite dishes in your area.

We know that from the early days some satellite dishes were quite large and intrusive, and sometimes were fitted in the worst possible positions. However, today`s newer satellite dishes are smaller, and the technology has changed over the years, as well as the installation techniques that are used. There’s no need for an ugly looking dish at the front of your home or property nowadays. Things are far cleaner and tidy looking with modern rust proof dishes as well for those of you living near the sea or coastal areas. This is where the salt in the sea air could rust out a standard satellite dish in as little as 12 months in some cases. So, if you want to keep it more discreet, your new dish may be hardly noticeable. Depending on your property positioning, we can make it virtually vanish into its surroundings. Different and flexible fixing options mean that it can be placed in a wide range of positions on your home or in your garden.

May you not want to look around your house for suitable positions for the dish? Your new dish may not need to be visible – to receive the best quality TV satellite signal. Discuss the best position with the installer on the day before the work starts, to ensure you get the result you want.

Satellite Television in HD

Although some terrestrial, cable and internet TV services provide a few HD channels, the additional transmission capacity used by HD means that only satellite can deliver the hundreds of HD broadcasts now available.

HD TV takes you to the heart of films and dramas, to the front row of arts and culture programmes, to the center of play in your favorite sporting events, and to hidden facets of documentaries. Everything looks better in HD.

  • A modern dish doesn’t need to be noticeable nor visible in order to receive top quality satellite TV.
  • The only thing required is the  line-of-sight to the satellites
  • As soon as professional arrives at the site, he will know exactly what is possible.
  • You may discuss the best position with the installer before work starts, to ensure you get wanted result.
  • If there is no other way than to be visible, there are means of camouflage, as painting or adding more external décor.
  • Why not install a dish in the garden?
  • Warning: In some cases, a discreet installation sometimes requires extra time or materials, and could impact regular prices.

Satellite TV is still in high demand by consumers. Many of these systems can receive hundreds of TV and radio stations for the cost of a basic television cable service. Still, everyone wants their home to look tip top so there are concerns from homeowners that a satellite dish for reception of satellite will impact their property image. So, a small-sized and flexible mini dish can be placed in a wide range of positions on your home or in your garden t avoid such cases.

Carefully positioned, a mini dish can virtually vanish into its surroundings. Suggest to your satellite installer to look all around the house for suitable positions for the dish. He will be able to advise on which positions are both appropriate for reception and suitable for fixing the dish in place. The orientation of your house is important to the position, as the mini-dish must point in the right direction.

TV available in any room

Nowadays it is perfectly suitable to connect your entire home, with HD in every room, now, isn`t that a charm? Whenever you feel appropriate, just move from the living room to the bedroom with ease: start watching in one room, pause, and resume watching in another room.

You don’t want to have to learn a different way of using your TV in every room of the house and you shouldn’t have to. You’ll be able to record, play, pause, resume, delete programs and more from any room without having to learn a new system. You can also do those things from your phone or tablet.

Recommendations (What a good installer must do)

These following steps were the most important (and most effective) among CTS Systems satellite installations users:

  • A site survey to provide actionable advice for placing the satellite dish
  • Assembly and mounting of satellite dish
  • Installing additional receivers at each television that is included in your service
  • Programming of remotes to work
  • Downloads and updates of software
  • Answering all your questions
  • Prompt, quality and courteous service