PTZ IP Camera to the rescue

PTZ IP Camera farming foaling calving

Maybe you`ve been in this situation before? It`s 4:00 AM, with -5° temperatures or below outside a truly bone- chilling setup. It`s been almost four hours since you got into the house at 00:15, and the blankets on the bed have barely warmed you up! But, it’s time to get up and go check the cows again. Because a few have started showing signs of getting ready to go into calving, and a few more are also getting near to it.  And with temperatures like this (of course) that usually means it’s THE week that cows, ewes, and mares decide it’s time to bring their new born babies into the world. It’s the few tough months of the year that make the rest completely worth it. So, Welcome to that time of the year it’s the calving season once again.

The season can be filled with struggles and sleepless nights checking on future mamas, but that always seems small compared to the beauty and thrill of new, healthy young ones coming into the world.According to research made in the field there is only a 1% chance that a problem will develop – but when it develops, then it’s 100% a problem. So, foaling difficulties occur in less than 1% of births, but if it’s your mare, this statistic ceases to have any relevance.

And, when this problem takes place, you usually have only a narrow time frame in which to obtain veterinary help. Whether you’re watching a first calf heifer or proven cow, today’s market makes any loss hard to accept.  Installing a simple barn camera provides a window into your calving pen from the comfort of your house.  With this convenient tool you’ll not only find problems earlier but you’ll go back to sleep on those occasions you weren’t needed.
Maybe you were wondering why? Because the cost of one lost calf or foal greatly exceeds the cost of installing the proper camera or entire CCTV system. Not to mention loss that cannot be measured by money.

PTZ IP Camera – a smart choice

Our Calving, Foaling and Lambing Camera Kits have proven themselves as an effective tool that can help to ensure peace of mind and the safety of your animals and property. If a wireless PTZ Camera is installed in the barn it eliminates the need to sleep in the barn when a cow or mare needs to be monitored.  With our PTZ IP Camera you can monitor your animals from the comfort and warmth of your home.

Our range of farming camera kits certainly can help take some of the stress out of horse foaling and calving season. With these cameras in your barn and the included wireless transmitter you can watch over your animals in the comfort of your living room.

We have a wide range of options for larger properties and digital wireless transmitters for secure encrypted transmission. We even have a selection of kits that include a DVR enabling your livestock monitoring kit to record and therefore double-up as an advanced CCTV security system.

Control and care

IP Cameras with PTZ (Pan, Tilt, and Zoom) are essential for keeping track of larger areas without need to buy more cameras. The higher degree of maneuverability and control offered ensures you always get the view you need.

Nowadays you can get to see your calving pen on your smart phone or tablet computer.CTS Systems now offers a wireless network system that delivers superior video and ease of use straight to your smart-phones, tablets, laptops and computers.  The video displays on your Smart-phones and tablets through a free app, and on your Windows or Mac computer through your browser. The control unit has no internal moving parts and is barn friendly and weatherproof.  Full time or motion recording options are available.

Some important features:

  • Wi-Fi signal boosters are often the choice for those looking to give their signal that little extra kick – boosting the signal to areas in the house which usually wouldn’t get coverage.
  •  Long range wireless cameras can be set up in your barn, allowing you to closely monitor images and audio of your animals from the comfort of your home! This also makes it great for use as a calving , foaling or lambing camera
  •  Night Vision Illumination- The array of 23 infrared LEDs provide clear video of subjects even in complete darkness. This is perfect for the inside of a farm building at night
  • Sony CCD- The camera’s high-grade imaging sensor guarantees crystal clear video with sharply defined detail. The camera records at 700TV lines resolution, enough to ensure you get a crisp image of your subject
  • Audio Recording- Not only does this kit transmit live video straight to your home, but also audio recorded from the camera’s integrated microphone. This you can easily monitor every aspect of your livestock’s behavior 24 hours a day
  • Interference Free Wireless Transmission- This unique kit’s Digital Transmitter and Receiver set is designed to prevent the signal interference that can occur with similar analogue equipment. This guarantees a reliably clear image, and allows longer transmission distances
  • Up to 5 Km Wireless Range- When unobstructed and using the included antennae, or with a wireless Access point the transmitter is capable of covering an incredible range. Please note, Solid obstructions can reduce this distance by up to half
  • Receiver connects straight to Television- The interference free wireless transmitter connects straight to a standard TV, so you can always keep one eye on your livestock!
  • Encrypted Transmission- Once paired with the receiver, the transmitter’s signal is encrypted, preventing other users from viewing your video
  • When setting up a CCTV livestock monitoring system on a farm it is a fair bet that there’s going to be some longer distances required for any wireless equipment. The long range wireless cameras are able to go the distance.