Calving Season – time to be resourceful!

It’s been less than a month since we offered a 10% discount to all farmers who get their calving cameras bought or supplied and installed between now & November, and one thing is for sure – people are getting more interested by the day!

Before the calving season even began, we tried to inform you as much as we can about all the latest features and products on the market and to offer some good tips and tricks on how to level-up your security!

One of them was on how could you use the remote monitoring system for applications beyond farm thefts. For example, you could use different kinds of sensors to monitor your house, sheds, workshops, etc. When your facility door is opened outside typical working hours, you’ll get an immediate alert.

The potential applications are plentiful. Motion detectors can be used to detect theft on grain bins as well as provide security on gates, barns, and doors.

Video surveillance technology and remote monitoring systems has greatly improved the ways to secure your farm. But, don’t ever forget about the good ‘ole and (normally less expensive) measures you can take.

ID your Equipment

Besides of proper ID-in on your cattle, you might need to keep an inventory on your equipment, including serial numbers along with the model number and year, type of machinery and brand, cost when purchased, and estimated replacement value.  Use a metal engraver or stamping tool and put a permanent identification number on equipment or expensive tools. Contact your insurance company for specific tips on ID numbers and inventory lists.


You could also put up additional lights to illuminate buildings and fuel tanks. Putting the lights on an automatic time switch or using motion lights will save you the trouble of turning on the lights each night.

Farmers are known for being resourceful and inventive. They’re also known for stretching a penny. So if you’ve already paid for a video camera or a remote monitoring system, why not put it to use to make your operation more efficient?

And that is what opens the doors for a safer calving season. Video cameras are a nice security appliance, but we can turn them into devices that can help a farmer! You could use a portable camera system specifically for calving. Don’t even think about losing one 1k € worth calf because the cow is calving and the foot is back and no one is there to see it.

Remote monitoring systems also has a double duty. One of the main benefits of the irrigation wells is the amazing water savings. You could turn on irrigation wells on or off from your phone. You could set a timer for when they should shut off, and also get an alert when one stops pumping.

Protecting livestock and equipment

When we first started working with farmers, the first thing we did is to locate the critical assets on the farm. Is there an extra machinery storage area? What’s located off the farmstead? Where are the grain bin sites?

Based on the asset locations and budget, we could build a custom plan for each farmer. Using a Google satellite map, we could outline the assets, lay out a wireless map that will tie all of the cameras together, and identify the right camera for the job. Even if you aren’t considering investing in a surveillance system, you can still follow this lead. Identify where your critical assets are and what security measures you can implement to protect them.

Value is the main trigger

Value and mobility are the two key factors that determine the type of equipment that thieves are most likely to steal. Value is the primary factor, except for items that are too large to move on a small trailer. That’s why the majority of equipment stolen tends to be smaller, such as backhoes, generators or even bobcats. Of course, it’s not just equipment that’s at risk. More and more video surveillance business is used on cattle operations. One of the most effective solutions in preventing rural crime and protecting your farm is by using farm security cameras and video surveillance system. The whole system includes cameras, monitors, and recorders. It allows the farmer to bring up the video feed and see where his cattle are throughout the day as well as monitor who is in the pasture.

One of our satisfied customers said: “I simply open the app on my smartphone, and right away I am in my cowshed to check if something has gone wrong. The system is invaluable in this kind of tough business, especially in the calving season, where the situation changes by the minute”.