Calving Season is Heating Up – and You Should be Keeping an Eye!

We could easily expect over 1 million calves to be born across Ireland by the end of May. While the calving period may just be taking off on some farms, others are right in the thick of it.
But you shouldn’t worry if you’re not fully geared up and ready for the season. There is always some extra room for improving safety on your farm.

And if something needs to be done ASAP, no worries – CTS Systems has the right gadgets and products for you.

We created a list of our TOP calving camera systems and accessories – famous for their reliability, features and a totally affordable price ranges.

Wireless Outdoor Access Point

This Wireless Outdoor Access Point, as the name says, is intended for outdoor use. You could use it both in housed or in a weatherproof enclosure that is both durable and watertight, ensuring full functionality in any weather.

An Ethernet cable powers the device thanks to the power-over-Ethernet injector, which reduces cable clutter and eliminates the need for a power cable. The built-in high-gain antenna is both precise and space-saving, and it gets you stronger signals in a targeted area. This Wireless Outdoor Access Point has been completely optimized to be used outside in any outdoors environment.

It has three main modes:

Access Point Mode: Adding wireless connectivity to any existing wired network. Simply connect the device to an existing wired router via the included Ethernet cable and you can start sharing your network connectivity with your mobile phone, IP camera, and other devices.

Network Bridging Mode: Enables any wired Ethernet-ready device or existing wired network to connect to your existing wireless network. This mode is especially useful when connecting two separate office networks.

Universal Repeater Mode: The device helps extend the wireless range of your network and eliminate dead spots. Great for offering full wireless connectivity in large areas like airports, convention centers, etc.

TP-LINK 500Mbps Mini Power line Adapter Starter TL-PA411KIT

Wishing to turn your existing power line into a high speed network – with no need for new wires or drilling? With our Starter TL-PA411KIT no configuration is required just plug your adapters into your power sockets and you can establish fully functional networking infrastructure.

With a speed of up to 500Mbps, TL-PA411KIT transmits multiple HD streams and even 3D movies to every room, making it a great choice for an easy to build multimedia network.

This is your great choice for a whole home solution to connect all network compatible devices–from computers to set-top boxes for IPTV to printers and NAS hard drives.

PTZ Dome (Calving Camera) – 20X Optical Zoom, 60 Meters Night Vision, 13 Inch 5MP CMOS

This camera has an ability to turn completely around and tilt through 90 degrees. Practically, it can do the job of several cameras all by itself. It can be programmed with up to 220 preset positions and there are 3 automated guard tours that can be set up as well. So, this perfect calving camera can automatically cycle through set angles to provide expert coverage of different areas.

The rapid rotation and tilt speeds mean that it can’t be caught out and can be quickly repositioned to capture any action as it unfolds. A 1/3 Inch 5MP OV4689 CMOS sensor captures high definition images and the 20 times optical zoom means it can get close up shots of people dozens of meters away.

This PTZ Dome Camera is available with a 12 months warranty.

Ideal for taking note of registration plates, perpetrators features or interactions between potential intruders. It has a programmable surveillance path to be controlled and the feed viewed remotely via a computer or smartphone app available for iOS and Android devices.

With the ability to have 3 remote visitors at once multiple people or surveillance teams can monitor the feed simultaneously from different locations using different devices.

It can pick out details even in low light up to 60 meters away, with the IR cut this security camera will automatically switch to IR night mode when the ambient lighting drops sufficiently.

IP66 Outdoor IP PTZ Dome Calving Camera – Sony CMOS, Pan, Tilt, 4 Times Zoom, 60M Night Vision

Fast Facts:

  • HI3518E Chipset
  • Support Mobile phone access: Android, iPhone, Windows mobile
  • APP: Supports Android and iOS
  • Memory: Support up to 64GB
  • Photo Compression: JPEG
  • ONVIF 2.0 and above

IP66 Outdoor IP PTZ Dome Calving Camera is a perfect tool for the upcoming calving season, and a great solution for covering wide areas such as farmyards or wide public areas. It can pan through 355 degrees and tilt up to 90 degrees so nothing can escape its view.

A 1/3 inch SONY 222 CMOS digital sensor provides a clear crisp image at full HD resolutions and can pick out details even in low lit, dark areas. The cameras night vision has a range of up to 60 meters thanks to its 6 LED arrays, and 4 times optical zoom brings a closer view whenever it’s needed – perfect for night time surveillance needs.

Motion detection alarms can be set up for 4 areas, covering multiple zones, detecting any unauthorized visitors. It immediately sends an email snapshot of the intruder and starts recording their movements.

Our Outdoor IP PTZ Dome Calving Camera has support for mobile phones so you can monitor the camera feed remotely on you Smartphone wherever you have a network connection.
Its IP66 rating guarantees a quality and reliable outdoor use and what’s more its Wi-Fi connectivity makes installation so much simpler reducing the limitations on where it can be located.