Broadband deals in Ireland

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There are many different options from which to pick if you are looking for broadband deals in Ireland. And you just might feel like sometimes there is just too much choice available. There are hundreds of available packages out there, all looking the same – and you need to check it by yourself to even get a small insight out of it. Of course, you could get a deal that includes TV service and broadband or even phone and broadband. We’re kind of used to “the more the merrier” situations in these cases. The real problem for many emerges when deciding that they only want broadband and nothing else – no high speed internet TV, no extra or changing phone lines.

Firstly, why would you get a broadband-only deal rather than any other deal? When it comes down to it, you need to consider what suits your situation best. If you already have some TV option, you might be able to get broadband as an add-on to that, as well as getting one off payment satellite TV.There are many broadband providers out there that will offer you deals, but which should you choose? Before you pick one of the packages, you need to make sure that it is the right one for you.

Broadband Speed Guide

There is nothing worse than a slow connection. No matter what you’re doing online, you need to be sure that your broadband will hold up and keep going. So, whether you’re trying to work from home, sending/ receiving e-mails or watching a movie, the last thing you want to do is wait. Broadband speed can sometimes be the problem and there are lots of variables in that puzzle, especially in rural parts of Ireland. And when that is the case, you need to take action and a friendly neighbour company.

The truth of the matter is that many people have no idea how fast their internet is. Often, people are under the impression that all the speeds are the same. If you have had the same connection for years and years now, you may have no idea what package you have. If you want to check the speed of your connection, you can do so online, as there are apps that let you test this issue in real time. Once you know how fast the internet is, you can figure out what to do next.

Most people think that the obvious answer to a slow internet is to change providers. You could try to alter your connection at home or call a broadband installer for a free estimate, before you do anything else. It would clear the situation about the need to deal with the trouble of changing/upgrading packages.

Many Irish homes nowadays have more than 100 channels to choose from, and the traditional providers have been joined by upstarts from the telecoms sector. Streaming services and easily downloaded content have joined the terrestrial and extra-terrestrial providers to give us viewing options that would have been unimaginable even 10 years ago.

Broadband and TV solutions

Of course, all these new age television options would be quite useless or fiercely limited without good-quality broadband. And although the quality of internet is good, at least in parts like Wexford, the need for a broadband and a TV package to work in tandem adds complexity and desires fast and affordable solutions.

We should not forget the thousands of people who are denied access to services such as Netflix because there is simply no reliable broadband in rural Ireland. So the outreach to local installers and using of free advice might save your household of staying with a high-cost television and broadband provider.

When making a choice, think about your viewing habits too. Having all the channels might seem wise, but you can easily end up wasting money.

And if you are more into cheaper TV-only alternative, RTÉ-owned television service Saorview, which will get more advanced and attractive in the months ahead might be the solution. Saorview is available via a broadband-connected set-top box, as part of a new partnership with UK television platform Freesat. The new Saorview Connect service will make on-demand content available alongside Saorview channels. With proper set-top boxes they might attain greater functionality and bring the service more in line with pay-tv platforms. These features include a facility to catch up on missed programmes by scrolling back through the electronic programme guide, as well as a remote recording function.

So, the worst case scenario is just to sit and wait. With all available solutions regarding broadband providers whether in Wexford or the whole of Ireland, you might be a click away from an amazing world of entertainment.